About Us

My Saviour Ministries

Welcome to My Saviour Ministries! We're happy to provide you with a behind-the-scenes look at the ministry of My Saviour. At My Saviour, our vision is simple. Introducing others to Christ, and helping them become more blessed.

Our management committee oversees all the foundation's efforts. The committee meets regularly to ensure that all of our teams perform efficiently and to facilitate cross-functional connections.

  • Social Venture Philanthropy
  • Education to poor children

His Grace Educational Trust

His Grace Educational Trust is an organization realizing the values of justice, love, equality and co-operation by enabling the weaker, marginalized, disadvantaged sections of the society. We believe in the people’s participation and integrated community development approach.

The thrust of the organization is to educate people and create a reality check about their situation and enable them to form groups. The objective is to encourage them to find a solution for their problems by themselves. The trust concentrates on the development of knowledge, not only among children, but providing skills and development of right attitude among the youth, women and men as well, so that they take care of their own development.

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