Self Employment Programs

The aim of the project is to provide useful and relevant education for all children in the age group of 0 to 15 years. An extension of this effort is to bridge social, regional and gender gaps, with the active participation of the community in the management of the program.

Useful and relevant education signifies a quest for an education system that is not alienating and that draws on community solidarity. Its aim is to allow children to learn about and master their natural environment in a manner that allows the engagement of their potential both spiritually and materially. This quest will also be a process of value based learning that allows children an opportunity to work for each other’s well being rather than to permit mere selfish pursuits.

Pre-cooking activities

  • To provide all children with access to primary and secondary education either in the formal or non-formal system
  • To reduce differences in enrolment, dropout rates and learning achievement among gender and social groups
  • To reduce overall primary dropout rates for all students
  • To raise average achievement levels and ensure basic literacy and innumeracy
  • To achieve minimum achievement and competency levels at the primary school