Vocational Training Programmer

MES framework is a new concept for skill development. During 2007-08 i.e. first year of implementation, necessary management structures at National, Regional and State level (Apex committee, NPMC, Regional Cells, State Committees, State Cells) for managing and monitoring the scheme would be setup.

Development of assessment tools and learning material would be done. Assessing bodies would be selected. State Governments and other stakeholders would be familiarised with the scheme procedures. Pilot programmes would be run for validating effectiveness of systems and procedures. Therefore, focus during the first year would be on development work and pilot programmes. There would be constraints in terms of reach of assessing bodies as well as budget availability. Accordingly, only 10,000 persons are to be trained / tested in the 2007-08.

It would be required to take up implementation in select states (say 2 States/ UTs from each of the regions) and select cities in the first year and then gradually implement the scheme in other States/ UTs. States/UTs which accept terms, conditions and roles of States and ITIs prescribed under the scheme will be eligible to participate in the scheme.

List of MES Course Curricula approved by NCVT (as on 01.01.2008)

Objective of the Project
  • To provide all children with access to primary and secondary education either in the formal or non-formal system
  • To reduce differences in enrolment, dropout rates and learning achievement among gender and social groups
  • To reduce overall primary dropout rates for students
  • To raise average achievement levels and ensure basic literacy and innumeracy
  • To achieve minimum achievement and competency levels at the primary school

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